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NPO Tuvalu Overview
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Privacy policy

We maximum protect the privacy of the Tuvalu people who receives the interview. We explain the purpose of this project for the object person before we start interviews and shooting. The person who agrees to the interview signs the document to declare the copyright abandonment. When the person refuses the signature to the document, we do neither the interview nor taking a picture.

Please refer to the following for the content of the interview and the policy of the display.

Content of question

We will ask the following 8 years or older subjects.

  1. What is the most enjoy things for your daily life ?
  2. Please tell me your dreams for the future.
  3. What is the most important things for your life ?
  4. Do you know the sea level rise caused by global warming?
  5. If you know this, Please tell us caused damage and your opinion to the developed countries.
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