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about TUVALU

Tuvalu is located on the equator, 2 hours flight from the republic of Fiji islands. Comprising of 9 islands with a total land area of just 26 km2, it is surrounded by some of the most picturesque emerald green waters found in the world. Nearly 10,000 Polynesians are living on these islands. The origin of the Tuvaluan people is believed to be of Samoan descent or from a smaller island tribe that voyaged across the Pacific Ocean in ancient times.

The rustle of the wind flapping coconut leaves and the gentle sound of waves lapping toward the white sand beaches. Following the scent of the fires fueled by coconut shells, one can hear the laughter of the Tuvaluan peopleas they talk inside their homes. Visitors are greeted with gentle smiles and open hearts as the Tuvaluan often extend invitations into their homes to join them in a meal. Some of the things Industrialized country people may have lost in the past still remain in Tuvalu.

Living in harmony with the nature that surrounds them, they use less and need less than those from industrialized nations. To them, family is the most important thing in their lives. These things are just a few of the enchanting features of Tuvalu.

Damages in tuvalu

Damages caused by rising sea levels and global warming has become increasingly serious over the past 10 years. Life for the Tuvaluan has become deeply affected by these calamities. Despite the fact that tuvalu consumes very little, the lives and culture of the Tuvaluan are being forever lost due to a build up of green house gasses which have been largely released by the wasteful consumption of industrialized nations.

Tepuka islet. The beach was violently eroded and the coconut trees were devastated. In one area the beach has been eroded more than 20m over the past 10 years.

Major flooding occurs more than 10 times a year. While the duration of flooding lasts only about 3 hours, this is more than enough time to destroy crops and contaminate ground water.

The damages are divided into two parts: coastal erosion and sea water destruction and contamination of farmlands and well water. The fragile islands of Tuvalu are in danger of being fully covered by water if the erosion of coastal soil continues at its current rate. As a result of the ever rising sea levels in recent years, sea water has begun to regularly cover the low lying areas on some of the islands, destroying crops and contaminating ground wells.

Without the necessary water and crops needed to survive, the Tuvaluan people may be forced to leave their home as some of the world's first global warming refugees.

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