You are connected to Tuvalu, which is deployed on the digital glove. Click on people’s face photo to read their voice. Also, you can send a message to the Tuvalu person in this system. The menu button in the upper left corner controls the viewpoint change.

Currently on the system is stored data of Nukulaelae Island and Vaitupu Island.

Submitting the message

  1. Please click the “SUBMIT” button after writing in fields. A few seconds, Thank you message will be displayed.
  2. Blue lines are displayed between “Sender” of the message and Tuvaluans. Location information are automatically acquired from senders’ IP addresses.

Mapping on the Digital Earth technology has been managed by a joint research with the Watanabe laboratory of the Tokyo University. Thank you very much for cooperation of Dr. Watanabe and his staff in laboratory in this project.