Palekiimanogi Saaga

When the alarm about the tsunami was broadcasted, my children really fear about that, but we cannot do anything, because this island don’t have some high ground or mountains. So what I can only do is staying in my house and praying for the god.

I know about the sea level rising by the radio and by the story of the person from the industrial country. And I also show the movie of Samoa about the sea level rising. In the past, I really believe that the sea level rise is occurred because of the anger of God, but now, I also believe in God, but I also know that those things are occurred by the melting down of the Ice blocks. I was studying in Fiji from 2007-2009, and when I came back, the island was changed dramatically bad. From the earlier days, the damages are occurred, but the change of these two years were really big.

My dream is to send my family to another place because we can no longer have a peaceful life in this country. I really love this island and Tuvaluan life is the only way I know how to live my life, but young people can still assimilate to a foreign lifestyle and survive overseas.

Please find out the way to keep Tuvalu as a good place for living. The changes of recent 2 years was really big. Tuvalu is a small country, thus we need the financial help for immigration to another countries.

47 years old, Public Employee, from Nukufetau atoll.


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