Papua Uisese

There are many effects because of the sea level rise. I believe the scientists’ prediction because the wave is getting closer to the land especially when it is high tide. And the water inside the pulaka pit is salty. In one islet in Nui whose name is Meang, people used to have grown pulaka and it was full of pulaka pit on it. However, all the pulaka died because the sea water came inside the pits.

Our climate is also changing. We had serious drought in 2011, small passage between pulaka pits had been getting thin because the sand was too dry and taken by the wind. It is very hard for old guys to walk with carrying the heavy stuff in such a small pass. Kaupule is trying to maintain and fix it for the farmers.

In our strategic plan of this island, climate change and the sea level rise is also one of big issues. Because pulaka is our culture. We should find the way to keep this alive and sloe the effects of those problems. However, we are lack of budget. What we can do is propose to big countries to see what is happening in this island and help to conserve our food.

It is really frighten to me that the sea level is estimated to rise 2m in another 100 years. We don’t want that to happen and we have to monitor the prediction of scientists.

If this estimate comes true and there are no way to survive here, I will get up to get somewhere else for us to survive. Because we relay on the plants such as coconut trees, bread fruit trees and so on for us to survive. We can’t survive with no food and salty water. It is better for us to prepare ourselves to be ready to migrate overseas.

If we migrate to overseas, of cause we can’t take all the Tuvaluan culture with us. We should adapt ourselves to the one in that country. But we have something we can take such as Tuvaluan manners, faith and so on.

39 years old, Public Employee, from Nui atoll.


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