Kausea Natano

In Tuvalu, climate change is evident to everyone. In the past, we had 2 seasons: a dry season and a wet season. The wet season traditionally was from September to March. Now, the wet season can come anytime.

Life here is changing because of such changes in the climate. Old people used to plant things according to the seasons, but because of climate change such methods are now difficult to follow.

During the king tide, the water will come up to threatening heights. It only used to cover the lower parts of the island like the airport runway. Now it comes up to the higher parts as well.

The strong currents are also eating away the coast. One of the islands of Funafuti has already disappeared. It’s really threatening. It’s getting serious.

One option proposed by Shuichi is to build land on Funafala using sand from the lagoon.

Please help Tuvalu. By helping Tuvalu, you are not only helping the Pacific but everyone in the world living on low lying lands. Please seek out ways to mitigate global warming.

61 years old, Member of Parliament, from Funafuti atoll.


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